Tuesday, February 4, 2014


It was a regular morning just like any other. Leon woke up made coffee and got dressed. He got into his car and drove to his job. He got to his job and his boss was waiting with an assignment. His assignment was Andy Miller. He got his briefcase and he was off to Andy’s house. It took Leon 10 minutes to get to the house. Andy was still asleep when Leon arrived. Leon picked lock the door and got inside. He went in watching every step he took one by one. As Leon was going up the stairs one of the steps creaked. Andy awoke fast and got his gun but it was too late Leon had his gun to Andy's head. Bang Leon emptied his clip on him. Andy was dead and Leon's job was done.
He got to his job and the office was empty. Only his boss was waiting for him. Leon went up to him and told him his assignment was done. His boss replied with a head nod and said I have a much bigger job and I have to send the best which is you agent. What's the assignment Leon asked. The President of the united states he replied. It will be done Leon said. 
The President was having a speech that very day so it was perfect. Leon got his sniper rifle and went off. He stopped a mile off at a building and set up his rifle. He aimed his gun at the president and right before he could shoot he heard someone say freeze he turned around and there was a police officer with his gun aimed at him. Leon said its ok im the President bodyguard. The officer believed him and left. Leon turned around and aimed back at the president and bang the President was dead. The Officer who saw Leon said what happened. The officer was arrested because he didn't take Leon in. Leon is still out there hiding still wanted.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Past
Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone
Thorin Oakenshield, The hobbit
Harry was on his way home from his first year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry on the Hogwarts Express. He was talking to Ron and Hermione about what
he was going to do over summer when the train stopped at Kings Cross station. Once the train came to a complete stop they got off and got there things. Then Ron left with his family and a couple minutes after so did Hermione. Harry was sitting on a bench waiting for his aunt and uncle. After an hour of waiting it was getting dark and Harry began to think they forgot about him. So Harry decided to walk home in the dark. Harry saw a shortcut Down this ally way that had no lights . Harry looked behind him and there was a dark figure following him. Harry started to walk faster and so did the dark figure. The dark figure was faster than harry so harry started running. The dark figure started running a lot faster than Harry. So Harry had no choice but to take out his wand. Once he tried to do so he triped over the side walk and the dark figure caught up to him. The dark figure was a man dressed in black robes. The man grabbed harry by the throut and said "you will not defeat lord voldemort, at least not in this time" and the man opened a scroll that knocked Harry out. Once harry woke up he was in the middle of a forest he couldn't see any house or road. Harry decided to just walk until he could find someone who could help him find a way home. Harry had walked for hours until he came across this giant town with a mountain in the center. Harry went into the town and he noticed that everyone in the town were dwarfs. Harry tried to talk to them but, they all said to go to the castle. Harry started to walk to the center when he realized the castle was inside the mountain. The gate was opened so Harry walked in and followed the corridor until he reached where the king was. Harry started to walk towards the king when a middle aged man took out his sword started walking towards him. Harry had no idea what to do when the middle aged man said        
"You have no business here traveler". Harry didn't want to be attacked so Harry said
"I mean no harm I'm just lost and need help". The middle aged man put his sword away shook Harry's hand an said "I'm prince Thorin Oakinsheild and you are"? "I'm Harry, Harry Potter" Harry said. "What do you need help with"? Asked Thorin. "Could you help me find, 4 private drive"?  Asked Harry. "What are you talking about"? Asked Thorin. "It's a rhode in London. Said Harry. "What's a rhode and what's London"? Asked Thorin. "What year are we in"? Asked Harry. "The third age of 2941 aren't you"? Asked Thorin.
" How is this possible, I'm not from this time period, I'm from the future. Harry said. "I've only herd of this happening once and it was with an Elder Scroll". " so we have to find it, do you know where to find one". Said Harry. "You have to ask the king". Said Thorin. "Do you really think he knows where to find one"? Asked Harry. "If anyone knows, it's The King".  Said Thorin. Harry walked up to the king. "What it's it, I'm a busy man. Asked The King.
"I was just wondering if you've herd of an item called The Elder scroll"? Asked Harry. "I have herd of an item but it is out of legend with the dragons" said The King. "Dragons do exist so maybe The Elder Scroll does to. Said Harry. "Maybe". Said The King. "My men have searched everywhere except the ruin of Bleaks Falls Barrow, The Elder Scroll must be in there". "Thanks". Said Harry. Harry turned around walked towards Thorin. Thorin was just standing guard at the gate. Harry walked up to Thorin and said. "Thorin I need help on an adventure I have to go on to get The Elder Scrolls". "I would be happy to, help where we headed". Said Thorin. "Where headed to Bleaks Falls Barrow, do you know how to get there". Said Harry. "Yes I know how to get there but, it's going to be a long and dangerous trip, eat and get rested we leave at dawn". Said Thorin. "But, I haven't any money". Said Harry. "Go down to the pub the Winking Skeever". Said Thorin. "Wake me up in the morning we'll have breakfast and we will be off to Bleaks Falls Barrow". Said Harry. "Get a good nights rest". Said Thorin. Harry left the castle and went to the entrance gate. From there Harry saw a building that had the words 'winking Skeever' on it. Harry went inside and went to the bartender. "Is there any rooms available"? Asked Harry. "There's one available, for ten gold". Said The Bartender. "Prince Thorin Oakenshield said I could stay in the room for one night". Said Harry. "One night and one night only is that clear". Said The Bartender. "Yes, sir. Said Harry. Harry had been so tired that he layed on the bed and fell straight to sleep. Harry woke up by the smell of soup cooking. Harry got up and noticed that Thorin was waiting for him to wake up. Thorin had a bowl of soup for Harry. "Is that for me"? Asked Harry. "It's a long trip you'll need your strength". Said Thorin. Harry 
ate his soup and got ready. Thorin had horses waiting for them. They started riding the horses for hours and hours until they finally reached the mountain with Bleaks Falls Barrow on the top. Harry could see the ruin right above him. They tied there horses to a tree right next to the mountain and started to climb it. Before they made it to the top they could here voices. "Bandits, I brought you a sword just incase you needed one Harry". Said Thorin. "I'm a wizard". Said Harry. Harry took out his wand. "On three". Said Thorin. "One". Said Harry. "Two". Said Thorin. "Three". Said Harry. They both ran up one with a sword the other with a wand. Harry flicked his wand and said "Stupify". It shout a man ten feet in the air. Thorin had been swinging his sword killing bandit after bandit in seconds. Once they were done they went inside and there were two more bandits in there. "I'll take the one on the left". Again with one swing of a sword and one hand swing both bandits were dead. They went up a flight of star and there was a door it was locked and they couldn't open it. "Alohamora". Said Harry. The door opened by itself . "Neat". Said Thorin. They went inside and there it was just floating in thin air. There was also a giant standing next to it guarding it. Thorin attacked it by cutting his leg but, it didn't do any damage to the giant. The giant swung his arm to kill Thorin when Harry swung his hand and said "Stupify". It knocked the giant over and while the giant was trying to get up Thorin swung his sword right at the neck of the giant and beheaded him. "You saved my life by that you earned my friendship and respect". Said Thorin. "Thank you". Said Harry. Harry grabbed the scroll and looked at Thorin. "I guess this means goodbye. Thorin handed Harry his sword. "To remember me by".  Said Thorin. "Thank you and I always remember you". Said Harry. Harry opened the scroll and woke up on the side walk he triped on. He walked home to 4 Private Drive. He went up to his room and hung up the sword Thorin gave him. Harry layed down in his bed and thought to himself, voldemort tried to get rid of me but, by trying he made my life better and earned me a new friend. Thanks I guess.
The End